general introduction

Since 2009, Truc Quan Joint Stock Company established the Rubber department. With the dedication of a highly skilled technical team and the goal of providing the best quality products to satisfy customers. During nearly 9 years of operation, Truc Quan Rubber has comprehensively met the needs of customers in the production of technical rubber products.

With modern and diverse equipment, our company can advise on the selection of rubber materials to produce products that meet technical requirements at an appropriate cost. In addition, we also provide design and mold manufacturing services and apply the most advanced technologies for mass production processes.

With the support and trust from customers, our company has expanded its factory scale and production force. We constantly control quality and improve techniques to provide customers with the best quality products.


Established history

  • 2009: Establish the first workshop with the area of 220m².
  • 2012: Moved the factory to the Parent Company in Xuyen A Industrial Park with an area of 400m², increasing production capacity to 15 workers.
  • 2013: Implement 5S - Kaizen improvement activities thanks to the support of experts from Jica - Japan organization.
  • 2013 – 2016: Sales have grown steadily over the years thanks to the domestic market.
  • 2016: Develop production, complete the construction of a rubber factory with an area of 2000m², increase the workforce to 70 workers.
  • 2017: Establishing a laboratory, organizing a production and quality management team.
  • 2017 – 2018: Along with expanding production scale, Truc Quan received orders from foreign customers: Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.
  • 2019Build one more workshop 4000 m² to produce technical products
  • 2020 – 2023: Export our products to the US
  • 2024: Produce extruded rubber.